Working at home and thriving – Employee Webinar

Working at home and thriving – Employee Webinar


An acknowledgment of the challenges people are likely to be facing – personally, professionally, socially and in family groups. The focus of the webinar is on concrete actionable steps, regardless of the situation.

The webinar covers:

  • How to understand your current responses to the COVID – 19 epidemic
    • What our brain does when stressed
    • The emotions we experience and how to manage them
  • How to work effectively at home
    • Managing space
    • Managing time
    • Managing priorities
  • How to manage ourselves – our emotional responses to the pandemic and how to create and maintain resilience
Kate Woodley

Kate Woodley

Registered Psychologist



  • 1-hour sessions in webinar format
  • All staff welcome, including managers
  • The outcome will be concrete, relevant, actionable steps for each person.
  • Cost: $600