Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover Letter


This webinar is designed to help job seekers land their new roles. Resumes and Cover Letters are extremely important factors that companies take into consideration before you are even offered an interview. It is therefore essential to maintain an updated resume with the right keywords and formats. Equip your staff with the right tools.

What’s included:

  • 1 x 1 hour Webinar
  • Available to all employees and managers
  • A copy of the deck and access to the recording after the webinar
  • For up to 100 participants

About the facilitator

Anne delivers the MBTI Step I and II Certification Program in Australia and South East Asia and is a member of the Senior Academic faculty at the Myers-Briggs Company. She’s also proud to be a PCC level coach with the International Coaching Federation and a member of the Australian Association of Psychological Type and the Career Development Association of Australia. Read more at

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Anne Hutton

Anne Hutton

Career Development and Transition Coach


Customer Review

"I loved that it was relaxed and interactive. It was great that the presenter asked what our roles were so she could make it relevant for our skill sets. She included examples of people she had worked with which made applying our skills to other roles seem possible and less overwhelming when writing cover letters."

Key Details

Webinar topics:

  • Creating Your Value Proposition – 3 Key Areas of Expertise
  • Identifying Transferable Skills and Keywords to ensure your resume is ATS friendly
  • Developing a Targeted 2020 Resume and understanding how to beat the Bots
  • Creating Compelling Accomplishment Statements (CAR)
  • Getting Reference Check ready
  • Cost: