Parenting Webinars (Individual Tailored Sessions)

Parenting Webinars (Individual Tailored Sessions)


The Win Win Parenting program provides parents with an effective step-by-step practical approach to managing day-to-day parenting challenges without requiring discipline, punishment and rewards. Teaching children life skills to become successful, cooperative and caring members of your family and society.

Topics for General Webinars

  • Bullying: Bullying-proofing your child
  • Communication: Your relationship with your child: harmful v nurturing communication
  • Domestic Violence: Let’s stop it at the start: What parents can do to help stop violence against girls and women
  • Emotional Regulation: Helping your children manage their emotions: developing emotional intelligence toddler to teen.
  • Family Wellbeing: Thriving as a family with children toddler to teen.
  • Health: Raising happy and healthy children: Toddler to 5 years
  • Health: Raising healthy kids: nurturing good eating, exercise and sleep habits.
  • Mental wellbeing: Supporting children after major events.
  • Parenting: Avoiding the pitfalls of parenting by “what other’s will think”.
  • Parenting: Being a positive role-model for your children
  • Parenting: Parenting together: navigating the challenges of different approaches.
  • Parenting: Personal best parenting: what good parenting is about.
  • Problem-solving: Raising children to be proactive problem-solvers.
  • Resilience: Building child resilience.
  • School: Back to school: starting the year on the right foot.
  • School holidays: Making the most of the school holidays.
  • Screen time: Technology and children: the good, the bad, and the unknown.
  • Self-care: Taking care of yourself: a crucial step for successfully managing work and family.
  • Self-esteem: Helping your child to develop healthy self-esteem
  • Siblings: Overcoming sibling rivalry: from combat and competition to camaraderie.
  • Teenagers: Thriving as a family during the pre-teen and teen years.
  • Teenagers: Understanding teenage brain – making sense of their emotions and behaviours.
  • Wellbeing: Starting the year with clarity, confidence and conviction.
  • Work and Family: Getting organised: Routines, personal/family plans and decluttering.

Webinars: Topics Tailored for COVID-19: Support for parents during lockdowns and during the pandemic

  • Supporting children’s long-term wellbeing post COVID-19
  • Supporting children through the Coronavirus pandemic: What parents can do.
  • Building resilience and positivity.
  • Family communication: Harmful versus nurturing approaches.
  • Flexible routines: Getting things done as a family.
  • Keeping kids healthy, happy and engaged.
  • Managing emotions for a more peaceful home.
  • Managing screen time at home.
  • Nurturing healthy self-esteem.
  • Overcoming sibling rivalry.
  • Parenting: Stop. Empathise. Educate – S.E.E. a positive way to parent.
  • Self-care for physical and mental wellbeing.

About the facilitator

Dr. Rosina McAlpine is the CEO and creator of the Win Win Parenting Program, and holds a Masters of Higher Education and an education focused PhD from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Rosina has created a positive parenting program based on good practical parenting advice and parenting tips for raising well-balanced and capable children with great information on child development. Read more at

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Dr Rosina McAlpine

Dr Rosina McAlpine

Parenting Expert


Key Details

Webinar topics:

  • Individual tailored sessions at $1200 plus GST per session
  • Organisations can select the topic and day(s) and time(s) subject to availability.
  • 24 general topics to choose from
  • 12 COVID-19 specialised topics to choose from
  • Cost:

    $1200 + GST