The Changing Gears Workshop

The Changing Gears Workshop


To service employees working from home or practicing physical distancing, we have partnered with Changing Gears to develop a live online version of the Changing Gears™ Workshop and Coaching program. Previously, this program was delivered to employees in rural and remote locations. It now has an application for everyone!

What’s included:

  • 1 x 1 hour Webinar
  • Available to all employees and managers
  • A copy of the deck and access to the recording after the webinar

About the facilitator:

Wayne Bishop is the founding Director of Changing Gears, a workforce management consultancy delivering Mature Workforce Transition Methodology to Australian business. A former General Manager in the corporate Health Industry, Wayne has more than 40 years of experience in managing the risk of ageing workforces. His insight into the pressures and realities of Human Resources departments across business sectors means he provides invaluable objectivity and guidance in managing the talent cycle over time. Read more at

Wayne Bishop

Wayne Bishop

Transition to Retirement Coach


Customer Review

"This service provided some very valuable, specific leads on how to investigate future possibilities, but also - almost more importantly - general advice on what issues may arise, what things to consider in preparation, and aspects that may be pursued that will continue to provide purpose and meaning in life."

Key details

In these challenging times, people are looking for reassurance, guidance and advice from trusted professionals from within, and outside the financial services sector. More than ever, it will be important for us all to think strategically about the future, create a new “map of life” and develop a personal wellbeing plan. Changing GearsTM has been designed for this purpose. This webinar provides mature age employees with an opportunity to review and discuss their life stage issues (often for the first time) in a trusted, “safe” environment.

COST: $800 + GST